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No other modern investment opportunity offers the same combination of simplicity, excellent revenues and stability as investing in property. The only other area where you might reach the same level of return is the speculative stock market. The stock market however is notoriously fickle and poses a high risk - especially for non-specialist investors. If you add to this the rather poor performance of the stock market over the last few years, one thing becomes more and more obvious: property investment is the way into the future.

Advantages of property investment

Buying property as an investment seems to be a surprisingly "secret" weapon of clever investors. It is astonishing that not more people have caught on to the fact that this is an investment opportunity that allows you to purchase with other people's money (the bank's) and then pay it back with yet other people's cash (rental income).

Currently nearly all informed property purchases in Turkey could be called "property investment" because it is a rather conservative estimate to assume that the placed funds are going to generate a better return than if they were left in a British savings account. But unsurprisingly even in this nearly fool-safe market there are better and worse decisions to be made.

Invest 1 - Buy to let

Lately Turkey has developed into one of the most popular choices with property investors. Global investors know: The best margins offer properties in newly developing property markets with a growing tourism industry and Turkey fits right into this concept. If you decide to "buy to let" you should chose a location that is already a popular holiday destination, which will ensure a large number of possible seasonal renters. There are certain aspects that need to be taken into account:

1) Chose a region that is already popular with tourists.
2) Avoid properties with difficult access, such as long distances from international airports.
3) Define your target group.
4) Beware of unreasonably high rental income expectations.

About 1)
You have found a fantastic property but unfortunately it is a long way from commercial airports and the area offers very basic infrastructure. We would advise you to reconsider if you are seriously considering renting your property to tourists. In areas like these you might have to rely on renting long-term to local people, which will usually prevent you from using your house/apartment yourself. Short term holiday lets in the high season also promise a much higher weekly/monthly income.

About 2)
Long transfers will lower the number of possible renters.

About 3)
What you personally like in a property doesn't necessarily have to be what your target group is looking for. Young families renting during the summer months are very likely to be attracted by a different type of property than a retired couple looking to spend the winter months in a more moderate climate. We will help you make an informed choice.

About 4)
Many estate agents are trying to hook customers with overly optimistic rental expectations. The best way to make sure you've got a good idea of what income you can expect is to speak with neighbours to find out what properties in the area usually rent out for. If you would like to avoid the hassle and additional maintenance costs that renting several times during the summer will involve you might want to consider renting out long-term. We will discuss the best choices with you.

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Invest 2 - Buy from plan

More and more construction companies offer the possibility to buy properties "off plan", when the development is still in the planning phase or under construction. This method reduces financial risks for the developer while ensuring the buyer to purchase tomorrow's property at today's prices.>

A possible "off plan" payment plan looks as follows:
Payment of a small deposit on signing of the contract
30% of purchase price at start of construction (less the deposit)
30% at completion of shell
30% at completion of project
10% at delivery of the title deed

The returns on an off plan property are higher, the earlier in the planning stages you decide to purchase. Many builders offer financial incentives for buying off plan and prices will go up at every stage of construction. This way the value of your property will increase in value by as much as 20% from start of construction to completion of the project.

A further advantage of buying off plan is the opportunity to make changes to the interior such as adding an en-suite bathroom or turning a separate kitchen into another bedroom (where possible). Smaller details such as tile choices or the colour of your kitchen can be influenced as well.

However, buying off plan demands a lot of imagination, since there normally won't be much for you to see apart from artist impressions of the finished project and the plot of land where the development will be located. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to ask to see previous projects of the construction firm, so you can get a better idea of the quality and building standards you are likely to expect in the new development. Asking to be put in touch with people who have bought off plan before can also help to minimise doubts and provide you with additional information on the standard of after-sales care the builder provides.

We only offer off plan developments of construction companies with excellent building standards and who provide comprehensive after-sales care. 

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