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More and more people are deciding to build a property according to personal specifications. This way their property not only looks the way they like but is also in exactly the right location.
Even from an investment point of view self-built houses and villas are a very attractive option. Just as with off plan purchases your property will be worth substantially more once it is finished. If you are researching this subject as an investment option please get in touch with us so we can discuss the necessary steps with you.

The amount of land approved for building will differ from area to area. In many rural parts you might be limited to building on no more than 5 % of your land while building permission in more urban areas can be as high as 30 %. There are also restriction in place regulating the height of building. While districts such as Mahmutlar in Alanya allow buildings with up to 10 stories, other regions won't permit more than two floors.

How to get your own personalised home

1) Research the area that you feel most at home in.

2) Instruct us to find a suitable plot of land

3) Meet with the architect to discuss details of your dream home

4) Obtain quotes from several building firms (we will put you in touch with reliable companies)

5) Chose a company to carry out the construction

6) If you should not be present during the different construction phases we will keep you updated on the work progress and send you pictures of your house.

7) Once the construction has been completed, a representative of the construction firm will meet with you to identify small faults and snags to be corrected.

8) After all snags have been remedied, we will help you find the right furniture and décor for your home and arrange appointments with suitable shops.

9) If required, we will instruct an interior designer to design the interior of your house for you.

If you are considering this option of purchasing property or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss matters in detail.

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